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TradeAndGrowRich.net offers commodity traders real world trading education and direction on today’s financial markets. There is an emphasis on the Commodity markets (S&P500, Gold, Silver, Currencies, Treasuries, Eurodollars), but TradeAndGrowRich.net will provide trading education on any market where we sense there is a trading opportunity. When you choose TradeAndGrowRich.net you get over 15 years of professional trading experience in the Financial Markets.

Our Strategy

TradeAndGrowRich.net teaches a methodology which is based almost solely on technical analysis; however certain key global economic factors are taken in consideration. Unlike other ebooks that provide a plethora of trading recommendations and discussion on the fundamentals of the markets, TradeAndGrowRich.net has designed a comprehensive trading program based upon our proprietary technical methods and approach to the financial markets. Our system also does not over trade, unlike many other systems being sold today and thus your profits are not swallowed up with broker’s commission fees. We also do not teach micro trading, which would wipe away your gains with slippage and buy/ask spreads.

TradeAndGrowRich.net’s Trading Program is a fully diversified, technically-driven trading strategy that trades seven non-correlated market sectors including: Energies, Financials, Currencies, Metals, Grains and Softs.

We understand that successful trading is not about trying to predict what will happen next, but rather how to consistently exploit our edge in the market while at the same time conservatively managing risk and exposure.

TradeAndGrowRich.net offers everyone an entrance into Financial market sectors and Trading Strategies that are normally only available to institutions and high net worth individuals. Our Trading Strategy allows anyone to have their investment run like a business. The concepts behind our methodology are consistent with most successful wealth building approaches.

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